Wood Oils, Waxes & Protectors:


Osmo Polyx Oil

Professional Grade Hardwax Oils for Interior use

Osmo Polyx Oil:

Polyx Oil is a 2 coat, clear finish, hard-wax oil, suitable for all aspects of internal joinery. Available in Matt, Satin-Matt, or Satin, Osmo Polyx Oils are water and dirt resistant, very durable, and easy to use and maintain. They are made using a combination of natural oils (Sunflower, Soyabean and Thistle) and waxes (Carnauba and Candelilla) Osmo oils help to feed the wood as well as protect it.

Osmo Polyx Oils are microporous and will not flake or peel. They have great coverage and help to emphasise the natural beauty of the wood.


Osmo Polyx Oil Tints

Tinted Polyx Oils

Polyx Oil Tints:

A tinted version of the original Poly Oil, the range of tints give you 8 different shades to choose from as well as the new Polyx Tints Raw, which gives the wood the look of an unfinished surface.

Poly Oil Tints are easy to apply and have the same characteristics and performance as the Polyx Oil Original. All 8 tints are a Satin Matt finish, with the Raw leaving a flat Matt sheen.


Osmo UV Protection Oil

Optimal protection from the sun.

Osmo UV Protection Oils:

Clear Satin Matt and new Oak tinted oils for exterior application. Especailly recommended for application to timber cladding, windows & doors and garden furniture, Osmo UV protection Oil when used as a stand alone finish blocks the greying process by UV Protection factor 12 in comparison to untreated wood.

Available in 410 - without biocides, 420 Extra - with added bicides and 425 Extra - Oak tinted for even greater colour retention for Oak joinery.


Wood Oils & Waxes

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