Paints & Interiors no longer trades from South Farm and we have now formed a new company trading as Ray Munn Paints & Interiors Ltd. Please  contact us at 7 Market Place in Harleston.

T: 01379 854762




8am - 5pm Mon -Fri

8am - 4.30pm Saturday


Our Paints:


  • eico: 100% Acrylic paints. High quality water-based washable paints. Exceptional durability, coverage and quality. Suitable for both interior and exterior application, eico paints can be tinted into any colour. eico paints are made using geo-thermal and hydro-electric power and are low in VOC's and APEO free.
  • ican: Alkyd-acylic waterbased primer sealers and paints as well as oil based paint systems. ican offers excellent adhesion to most interior and exterior surfaces and has exceptional coverage. ican has been designed to work in conjunction with eico paints and can be tinted.
  • Osmo: Timber finishes for both interior and exterior application. Osmo oils stains and finishes are made with natural oils, do not flake, peel or blister and are micro porous. Osmo products are easy to use, hard wearing and feed and protect the wood.
  • Keim: Interior and exterior waterbased silicate mineral paints. Keim silicate paint systems chemically bond with the surface to which they are applied, meaning they do not blister or peel. Keim paints are breathable - making it a substitute for limewash, are durable, anti-fungicidal and do not fade. Can be copied into any colour.
  • Scala: Oil based paints and finishes from Sweden. Scala paints are based on natural oils such as linseed and china oil, and are of exceptional quality. Interior and exterior oljefargs and preservatives offer a comprehensive oil based system. Scala can be tinted into any colour.


Interior Design Services:


  • Colour Matching Service: Paints & Interiors can accurately match paint colours from swatches or cards, including some fabrics.

  • Solid Timber worktops: We can remove, template and refit your existing worktop. We can supply Oak, Rippled Oak (where possible), Elm, Sweet Chestnut and Cherry. All machined  in 2" thick staves, and finished with 2 coats of Hard-wax Oil.


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